Lata Mangeshkar Expected Home in the Next 48 Hours
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Lata Mangeshkar Expected Home in the Next 48 Hours

Lata Mangeshkar had to be hospitalised on Monday after falling ill leading to a lot of scare for her fans

The Goddess of all melodious things,  Lata Mangeshkar gave the  nation a  collective scare when she  fell ill  and had to be hospitalised on Monday. Ill-informed  portals  and websites added to  the  anxiety  by putting  out false alarmist news bulletins  on  her health with quotes from medical  sources who seem  to have thrown all ethics  to the winds.

 However  the  news on Lataji’s  health  front is very encouraging. According to  family sources, “Her condition is  improving. She is at  the moment resting  and at this rate  of recovery she will be out  of  the  hospital in 48 hours.”

Interestingly in a conversation with this writer some  time ago  Lata ji had expressed  her  apprehension about  the public response to her health.  “Nowadays the social media has become  very  active. And spreading misinformation to grab  attention is  the  easiest thing  in the world. I  request  Twitter and Instagram  users  to exercise caution in putting out  their own  health  bulletins about  people in the limelight,  be it Bachchan Saab,or someone else,” said Lataji, adding that she  knew the panic  information came  out of a place  of genuine concern.

 “But it isn’t nice  to spread panic reports on health issues. Like everyone we also have families who get worried when they read such reports. I’d say caution discretion and restraint are the  need  of the hour when someone  in  the public domain  falls ill,” Lataji had said while commenting on speculation  on Mr Bachchan’s health.

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