Lata Mangeshkar Beams With Pride on Sister Asha Bhosle's 82nd Birthday
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Lata Mangeshkar Beams With Pride on Sister Asha Bhosle's 82nd Birthday

The two enigmatic doyens of India cinema music resurface after a long time

Singer Lata Mangeshkar has left behind all the bitterness and made a sweet wish for her sister Asha Bhosle on the occasion of her 82nd birthday.  Like a proud elder sister she said, “What Asha can sing, I can tell you without any pretense of modesty, I can never sing. It is said that Asha had to constantly live in my shadow — that’s absolutely untrue. People say all kinds of things. But there’s no fight between us. Until two years ago, we lived in adjoining flats and there was a connecting door between our homes. We were constantly in and out of each other’s homes.” Well, one cannot forget the troubled equation these two sisters shared and how insecurity was allegedly always present in Lata’s mind. It was RD Burman, who also married Asha, who strongly backed her up then.
But looks like with time and age Lata has left it all behind and is extremely proud of her sister’s achievements. Blood is blood after all. What’s interesting though  is how the elderly ‘Nightingale of India’ sounds a practical note exclaiming, “Thank God she (Asha) didn’t adopt my style of singing. If she had, we’d have become competition for one another. She went on her own path.” Sound observation, that!
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