Lara Mahesh's first holiday post baby

Lara Mahesh's first holiday post baby

The parents will be spending a month in London together with baby Saira!
Lara Mahesh's first holiday post baby
Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi

Lara Dutta

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The French Open saw Mahesh Bhupati and Sania Mirza bagging the mixed doubles and you'd think that was one of the reasons he would be as pepped up as he currently seems to be. There has been much more on his mind than that - namely, him preparing for the visit of wife Lara Dutta and daughter Saira for a month's stay in London! They are joining him on vacation and he's frantically shopping to stock up their London flat with all that he can think of! Specifically, a pram, a crib, rainwear, soft toys and warm clothes for four-month-old Saira

Mahesh says he's missed Lara like crazy and can hardly wait to hold Saira in his arms! "I'm just waiting to hold my little princess, my lucky mascot. I am setting up a place for her with all kinds of baby stuff. She'll be here for a month with Lara." Priority on his shopping list is a baby raincoat. "It's pouring in London so we have to keep her warm and dry." Just before she flew out of Mumbai, Lara said she was really looking forward to this time too. This is Saira's first trip abroad and Lara's first holiday since she became a mom! Obviously, she's also ecstatic with Mahesh's tennis win