Lara Dutta Busts Beauty Myths in Bollywood
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Lara Dutta Busts Beauty Myths in Bollywood

Lara Dutta spoke to Masala! to bust various beauty myths in Bollywood. Watch the video!

Lara Dutta was recently in Dubai for launching her skincare range Arias. She was attending the Beauty World Middle East expo during which Masala! Magazine caught up with her and talked to her about the various beauty myths in Bollywood.

Lara Dutta was Miss Universe in the year 2000 and appeared in various Hindi and Tamil films. She was always known to be ‘dusky’ and ‘tall’, qualities that made Lara very different from the ‘regular’ mainstream Bollywood heroine. While she received various awards and accolades for her performances in her films, Lara’s time is now mostly devoted to her young daughter. She is married to tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi and also turned producer for her film Chalo Dilli.

There are many myths/questions about beauty in Bollywood that Lara is privy to and Masala! spoke to this gorgeous entrepreneur and eloquent star to shed light on these myths. Lara spoke about airport looks, whitening injections, tall heroines and plastic surgery.

In this video Lara also speaks about plastic surgery whether it is a necessary evil or avoidable. Lara also discussed how different body types are now in. You can also find out Lara’s opinions here about what you need to do about a good skincare regimen. Do you need expensive ranges of toners and moisturizers? What about cleansing milks and gold masks? Check out Lara’s responses and how she talks about the various myths and facts related to beauty, skincare, Bollywood and so much more

Check out the video here.

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