Kundalini Back Massage

Kundalini Back Massage

Rejuvenate and restore your energy levels

WHAT: An intensive massage that uses organic oil and targets the seven chakras or energy centres for overall well-being.

WHERE: Natural Elements Spa, Le Mridien Dubai, Airport Road, Tel: 04 217 0000, www.lemeridien-dubai.com.

HOW LONG: 75 minutes.

HOW MUCH: Dhs475.

THE PROCESS: There are massages and then there are the ones that not only relax you physically but also help in internal healing. The Kundalini massage starts with a great foot scrub using Himalayan salts. My Sri Lankan masseuse, Suba, informed me that these salts have the capacity to remove toxins from the body. I am not sure how much negativity was drained out but my feet felt clean and soft! I was then led to the massage room where I was given an exhaustive massage using organic oils containing cardamom and neroli (a flower). Suba primarily focused on the spine and back while kneading my muscles! A little while
later, hot bags with herbs were pressed along my spine and lower back after which the massage resumed.

THE RESULT: Initially I experienced a little pain on my shoulder blades but it soon subsided and a calm, relaxed feeling engulfed me. The best part of this massage is that it works on the energy system and targets those stress points along the lower back and spine.

MAINTENANCE: You need to drink a lot of water to cleanse your system further. Go for this massage once a month to set the balance in your energy system right!

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