Kun Faya Kun, Episode 4: The Case of The New Phone

Kun Faya Kun, Episode 4: The Case of The New Phone

In Imran Abbas starrer “Kun Faya Kun,” the drama surrounding Mashal’s new phone is finally put to rest.
Kun Faya Kun, Episode 4: The Case of The New Phone
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Kun Faya Kun” is, at heart, a show about a family that simply cannot get along. While the men of the family are kind-hearted and loving, including the children, the women of the family are constantly at war with one another. Raised in this vindictive environment, the younger girls of the family are raised in a similar manner and can only be described as manipulative. At the center of this chaos is Mashal, an overly sweet, innocent, naïve character that suffers at the hands of these women emotionally. The story is interesting, but one really does wish Mashal would stop throwing constant pity parties for herself and Daadi would stop giving Mashal advice such as “Khuda apne bandon ka saath deta hai.” Yes Daadi, that’s great, but people also have to stand up for themselves and fight for what’s right.

In episode 4, Armaan (Ahmed Taha Khan) continues to think about Mashal (Alizeh Shah) and tries to contact her only to realize her phone has been turned off. Elsewhere, Hashir (Imran Abbas) finds Areesha (Areej Mohyudin) with a new phone and questions her about it. Areesha tells Hashir that Mashal gifted it to her – and probably got it from a friend. Hashir, angry, confronts Mashal about this, but Daadi (Azra Mansoor Hussain) stops him, stating that she trusts her granddaughter and sends him away. After discussing the situation with Mashal, Daadi informs Hashir of what happened and he apologizes, angry at himself for mistrusting Mashal. Hashir forces Areesha to return the phone to Mashal and Areesha gets into an argument with Daadi over the situation. When Armaan stops by, Daadi returns the phone to him, saying that he shouldn’t give gifts that complicate the lives of others.

A Millad is held at Shama’s (Nargis Rashid) home and Shama, still angry at the majority of the family, manages to insult Faseeha (Naima Khan) and Areesha when she calls Bisma (Zarnish Khan) over to serve her friends first. The two leave the house in anger, only to be pacified later when Bisma sends Mashal over with a tray of food for the family. However, Mashal becomes the target of Bisma’s anger when Armaan blasts her for making Mashal wash the dishes. This turns into a spat between Hashir and Bisma when Bisma shares that she’s angry with Mashal.

The episode is fairly uneventful in the sense that nothing truly happens. However, it’s refreshing to see how the male characters in this show are written – which is different from those on other shows. The way Hashir analyzes the situation and reevaluates what happened before ultimately apologizing to Mashal is endearing to watch. Not only does he pacify her, but he also ensures that the situation is corrected by forcing Areesha to return Mashal’s phone. Overall, “Kun Faya Kun” cannot be called a particularly riveting show and the self-pity that Mashal indulges in grates on the nerves. However, the characters and how they have been written makes the show interesting and despite it’s slow pace, keeps viewers coming back for more.

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