Kriti Sanon Reflects On Her Career

Kriti Sanon Reflects On Her Career

The actress opened up about her struggle in the industry and starting out as a student
Kriti Sanon Reflects On Her Career
Kriti Sanon

We caught up with Kriti Sanon after the success of her latest film, Luka Chuppi. She opened up about her struggle to enter Bollywood, being an engineering student prior to acting in films, becoming a star without having a godfather in the industry, and her future projects.

Kriti, when you started off in Bollywood, did you think that you are going to be a bankable actor?

No, I mean I did not aim like that, it is a very, very heavy word and it adds a lot of responsibility. I think all I wanted to do was act and find my own space in this huge world of Bollywood. And that is exactly what I went ahead doing. Of course, you want your films to do well, but at the end of it, I just want to become better with every film as much as possible.

With your choice of films, you have shown your versatility as an actor. Was that something you had always consciously thought of doing?

See, as an actor, you want to do different kind of roles because that’s what is exciting about acting- you get to play a different character every time and you also get to explore a different side of yourself. And I think it is important to step out of your comfort zone every now and then and do something which you don’t expect from yourself. For example, in Bareilly Ki Barfi,when I heard the script, I wasn’t really sure how I was going to look like Bitti (her character) because I hadn’t done anything like that. But the director, Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, the producers and Nitesh Tiwari sir, they had full confidence in me which gave me a lot of confidence and I knew that I liked this character.

When you came to the industry, you did not have a godfather to guide you through. Do you feel like a part of the industry now or do you still feel like an outsider?

I very much feel like at home today, both, in the industry and in Mumbai itself. Coming from Delhi, I never stayed in a hostel or anywhere apart from my house. And now I feel like Bombay is as equal to my home in Delhi. I feel like it’s a place I belong to. Also, in the industry, I feel like I have done enough work and know enough people, and the sense of belonging comes a lot with people, wherever you are. You are more comfortable at these filmy parties, at an event because you know them and you can have a conversation. And also I feel like I am in a good space right now.

Since you mentioned that now you are more comfortable in the industry and you know more people around. But what was the phase before Heropanti like?

Well, obviously I was lost when I moved to Mumbai. Fortunately, when I moved, my father was staying here and he was working in Mumbai, so I wasn’t literally away from family. But I had just completed my B.Tech and I didn’t know how to go about being an actor. I didn’t how what you are supposed to do, or you are just supposed to do meetings. There were days when I would be low. My dad also moved back to Delhi, so I was by myself. I did not have too many friends here, I was also doing modelling side by side and I was also preparing for GMAT. The condition that my parents had put on me to let me follow my dreams and try for acting was that I would get a good score in GMAT entrance exam which was valid for 5 years. I was like ‘okay, I will do it side by side’. I also remember I used to stay in Kurla back then and I used to take an auto and go to Jamboree Classes in Andheri. I would carry my change and go to an audition and change there. So yes, it was a very different kind of a life which I had never ever thought of before. But of course, there were days where I’d get restless and question myself whether is it ever going to happen? I was sure about the fact that my debut project had to be something that would allow me to showcase my talent at a good platform. And fortunately, Heropanti came my way, where I think Sajid sir and Sabbir sir really took care of both of us (Tiger Shroff and her) very, very well.

Coming to your roles, is there any character that you really want to play on screen?

Nothing like that. I feel like there are a lot of films where you get intrigued by the characters and would love to do something like that. Like for example, Julia Robert’s character in Pretty Women, I feel like it was damn interesting with her playing a hooker but at the same time having the vulnerability of a child. Or something slightly off and crazy like Silver Linings Playbook. I feel like Jennifer Lawrencewas completely unpredictable and that’s what made her really interesting. So I would love to play a character that is slightly edgy, off, not so one dimensional maybe.

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