Koena Mitra's plastic surgery trauma

Koena Mitra's plastic surgery trauma

Actress reveals her woes
Koena Mitra's plastic surgery trauma

Koena Mitra

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Koena Mitra (pictured left) had almost gone missing from the film industry and there were speculations that she has gone in for a face-lift or a lip job or a boob job.

Now she has come out in to the open and is willing to share what made her disappear from the eyes of the public.

The actress reveals that she did get a nose job done after some people told her that it would give her face a sharp look. She listened to them and went to a plastic surgeon but in no time it turned into a nightmare.

Koena says her nose was a complete disaster and the after effects were terrible. Her cheekbones flared up and her face became huge. It puffed up so much that at one point of time she could not even smile.

She went in for a second opinion and the doctor advised her to take injections on the face. She took the treatment for five months and now she is happy that her face has come back to normal.

Talking about the trauma she underwent during these months she said that her dad was very angry with her and refused to be by her side during the bad days.

However, her mom stayed with her in Mumbai as a moral support. But thankfully the worst is over and Koena is now up and bouncing.

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