Kim Kardashian West’s Kimono Wear Enrages Social Media - See Reactions!
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Kim Kardashian West’s Kimono Wear Enrages Social Media - See Reactions!

The Japanese people aren’t happy about Kim Kardashian West trademarking “Kimono”

Kim Kardashian West recently unveiled her ‘dream’ project titled Kimono – a label which has developed a new line of shapewear and underwear. What sets it apart from other brands is that Kimono shapewear comes in a variety of sizes – from extra small to extra extra large, in different shades – for the light skinned to the dark skinned, and most importantly it comes in a large range of cuts such as for a dress or a skirt with a side slit. It may be a breath of fresh air for most women but the Japanese aren’t happy with the brand’s name.

Kimono means “thing that’s worn” in Japanese and is widely known to refer to full length robes with sashes donned for formal occasions such as funeral or weddings. Some have termed Kim's use of the word as cultural theft that insults the traditional robe cherished by the Japanese people. 

Taking to social media, many people, including those of Japanese descent, expressed their outrage.

“The fact that Kim K has filed a trademark for the word "Kimono" makes me wanna retreat from Western culture," wrote Rina.

“My heart is BROKEN. When you Google kimono, Kim's face starts showing up. This is how you erase cultures, for fucks sake,” wrote another user.

It didn’t take long for 'KimOhNo' to start trending as people uploaded photos of themselves wearing the traditional Japanese outfit.

“Me wearing A #KIMONO with hakama for my graduation. Very sad to hear @kimkardashian has trademarked “Kimono” for her new underwear line#KimOhNo”

“This is kimono. Japanese traditional wear. Please change that name,” requested a user.

“Kimono is neither underwair, gown, bathrobe nor a joke of a rich designer. This is our Japanese culture. Not hers. And, certainly she named this after understanding it. Unpardonable. Change The Name,” demanded another user.

In response to the controversy, Kim spoke to the American news publication The New York Times and clarified that while she has no plans to change the name, her intentions were not “to design or release any garments that would in any way resemble or dishonor the traditional garment.”

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