Khufu Ship, the Google Doodle of the Day. Here's What You Need to Know About this Solar Ship Museum
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Khufu Ship, the Google Doodle of the Day. Here's What You Need to Know About this Solar Ship Museum

Khufu Ship is the recent Google doodle. Here's what you need to know about the Khufu Ship

Each day, Google Doodle celebrates a historical fact, event, personality or iconic image through a sketch. It has chosen many eminent celebrities from the subcontinent such as Madhubala and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and has also chosen Inji Aflatoun from the Middle East just a few days ago. Madhubala was a famed Bollywood actress who died very young. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was a noted musician from Pakistan who was a renowned qawwal who also passed away. Google Doodle celebrated Inji Aflatoun who was a female rights activist in Egypt. This time it has celebrated Khufu Ship, a solar museum boat ship that was discovered recently by Egyptian archaeologists and restored. Located near the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, this is quite a marvel, if you think about it. 

Egypt is a land of much valued ancient architecture. It's not just the pyramids of Egypt, one of the seven wonders of the world, that are ancient and preservation-worthy. Egyptian antiquities inspectors were clearing up the area around the pyramids of Giza when they found a wall made out of limestone. After a lot of digging, they reached to the bottom and found 42 pieces of rock. These rocks were divided into two groups to protect them from harm. What exactly was the purpose of it? No one really knows but it is fascinating to see that it has survived over 4600 years. It was discovered by archaeologist Kalam el-Mallakh and it was reassembled by Haj Ahmed Youssef, a restorer. The whole vessel was restored after years of hard work.

The museum of Khufu Ship was constructed next to the Great Pyramid of Khufu. It has all the modern techniques and technologies in order to preserve the solar boat. Khufu was the second Pharoah and some say that the ship itself was used to take his body in his final resting place (which is the pyramid itself). Giza Solar Boat Museum or the Khufu Ship is located now where this discovery stands and you can definitely visit it the next time you plan a trip to Egypt! Apart from celebrating the anniversary of the discovery of the Khufu Ship, today Google Doodle is also celebrating Mother's Day in Poland (May 26), birthday of Egyptian author Radwa Ashour, as well as birthday of Frankie Manning, the dancer who would change swing forever and often known as the Ambassador of the Lindy Hop, and Georgia's Independence Day.

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