Khaas, Episode 25:  Ali Rehman Khan’s Character, Ammar, Tries To Rectify His Mistakes – But Is It Too Late?
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Khaas, Episode 25: Ali Rehman Khan’s Character, Ammar, Tries To Rectify His Mistakes – But Is It Too Late?

In Ali Rehman Khan and Sanam Baloch’s tale of narcissism, Ammar realizes the mistakes he has made and attempts to salvage his second marriage

Khaas” has effectively conveyed a tale of a marriage gone wrong.  When a narcissistic personality is tied in the bond of marriage, what is the outcome?  Are the two individuals able to find happiness together?  That is what “Khaas” has attempted to convey.  Through the character of Saba, played by Sanam Baloch, we have seen how a girl “survives” her marriage to a narcissist, played brilliantly by Ali Rehman Khan, and escapes to find happiness once again.

In episode 25, Saba (Sanam Baloch) and Faakhir (Haroon Shahid) are content in their married life.  With their own share of demons, the two have finally found happiness within each other.  More importantly, it’s shown that they respect each other.  Whether it’s Saba’s support towards Faakhir’s painting as a career (despite little income) or Faakhir’s support towards Saba following her passion regarding work, the two have an easy, open flow of communication.  After watching Saba lose her identity in her marriage with Ammar, it’s beautiful to see the loving partnership she shares with Faakhir.  This is the marriage she deserved to begin with. 

Salma (Hira Tareen) returns home, but immediately begins bickering with Ammar (Ali Rehman Khan) again.  He tries to pacify her and tell her to get along with the family now, but she makes it clear that she’s only back home to pack up their stuff and take Ammar with her to a new home.  Sonia (Mashal Khan) tries to explain to Nida (Anam Goher) the importance of getting to know her fiancé, but Nida is still stuck on her bitterness towards Faakhir (Haroon Shahid).  Sonia also makes it clear that the more she learns about Ammar, the more sympathy she feels towards Saba.  Sonia’s presence is not a welcome one to all, especially Salma who is aware of Ammar’s attentive nature towards her and Salma makes her displeasure known, which makes Sonia uncomfortable.

In a standout scene, Salma walks into the room while Sadaf (Lubna Aslam) and Saud (Shehryar Zaidi) are discussing Ammar and Salma’s marriage with Ammar.  She overhears Sadaf suggesting that Ammar marry Sonia.  While Ammar “jokes” that Sonia will happily marry him and he can get any girl, Salma takes this as the final straw in disrespect and makes her presence known.  She makes it clear that Ammar was the one chasing her before marriage and informs Ammar that she is not like Saba.  She goes on to put Sadaf in her place when Sadaf steps in to defend her son and tells Sadaf that it is because of mothers like her that men grow up to be disloyal and flirtatious.  Sonia and Nida also overhear the conversation and Sonia protests that Salma should leave her out of it, but Salma suspects Sonia’s intentions for visiting, so Sonia storms off.  Salma continues on her rant, giving clear answers back to both Ammar and Sadaf, calling Ammar insecure and stating that he is incapable of being loyal to anyone.  She tells the family that they can happily plan Ammar’s marriage to Sonia, because she will not be coming back.  Hira Tareen deserves a round of applause for her acting in this scene – her strong, confident and powerful dialogues pack just the right amount of punch.

Drawing Ammar’s attention to the fact that this will be his second divorce, Saud tries to make Ammar realize the hard work that goes into making a marriage work.  Ammar is taken back to Saba’s words, cursing him that he will never be happy in his marriage and will be hurt the same way she has been.  He begins reaching out to friends and it’s his friend that makes him realize that it’s not the women around him who are wrong, but Ammar himself.  Ammar decides to speak to Salma – but by that time, Salma has already decided that Ammar is selfish, disloyal and unwilling to change.  Not wanting to end up like Saba, she decides to pursue her ex-husband Sajid again and make things work with him.  Ammar catches the two outside a restaurant and Salma makes it clear that she is done with him, while Sajid threatens Ammar with action for having him thrown in jail for drug possession.  Despite Salma being a narcissist and probably making Sajid’s life hell again after this, this scene gives Ammar a much-needed dose of his own medicine.

With next week being the final episode, it’s now time for Ammar to realize his mistakes and the error of his ways.  While it’s not particularly realistic for a narcissist to accept fault in themselves and change their ways, it does seem that this is the path the show will take.  But audiences lap up a good tale of karma where characters like Saba and Faakhir find happiness while Ammar will be left suffering – and in this case, the way Sanam Baloch and Haroon Shahid have portrayed these two characters have made it even more satisfying to see their happy end.  Ali Rehman Khan has played Ammar brilliantly, giving a performance that will be remembered (and hated) for a long time.  What will happen in the final episode?  We will have to wait and watch!

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