Khaas, Episode 19: Saba Finds Herself in a Bind
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Khaas, Episode 19: Saba Finds Herself in a Bind

In Khaas, Sanam Baloch plays Saba, who finds herself In a bad place when Ammar turns her parents against her.

Up until now, “Khaas” has continued on without so much as a hiccup. Telling a genuine, realistic story of a young, confident girl named Saba who finds herself trapped in a marriage to a narcissist, a man who breaks her confidence and enthusiasm for life, “Khaas” hit all the right notes. Discussing a topic that has rarely been highlighted on television before, viewers were able to connect to Saba, some even seeing their own past and/or present in Saba’s marriage. It has been refreshing to see topics like verbal abuse, gaslighting and emotional abuse being depicted in a way that is eye-opening. However, the show was set to falter somewhere and with episode 19, it finally does.

In episode 18, viewers witnessed Ammar (Ali Rehman Khan) and Nida (Anam Goher) openly accusing Saba (Sanam Baloch) of having an affair with Faakhir (Haroon Shahid). In episode 19, the entire family gangs up on Saba, along with Saba’s own father, Faraz, who leaves her in Ammar’s house to fend off the accusations on her own. Unfortunately, more than Ammar, Faraz leaves both Saba and the audience disappointed. Who knows an individual more than her own family? By believing Ammar, Saba’s family commits the ultimate betrayal. Saba and Ammar get into a fight later with Ammar taunting Saba for not having any place to go. In anger, she leaves the house. Desperate, she calls Ammar’s friend Javeria (Amna Wajahat) who takes her in for the night.

Looking for Saba, Ammar goes to Faakhir’s house where he gets into an argument with Faakhir, declaring that he will never allow him to marry Saba. While Faakhir does his best (but not really?) to clear the misunderstanding, the problem only intensifies. This scene is irritating, because all Faakhir really had to do was YELL “That’s a painting of my mother and I befriended your wife because she reminds me of my mom.” It would be that easy to deescalate the situation, but instead, he stops midsentence and Ammar’s rant continues.

The fun goes on when Javeria leaves for work and her husband begins to taunt Saba, asking her to have an affair with him the same way she had one with Faakhir. This is literally the first time this man is meeting Saba and there is no logical reason for this man to speak to Saba this way. It’s also a weird trope, because Javeria has been seen as a confident, independent, open-minded individual with morals and values. Her friends are mostly males and her husband does not have a problem with it – so why are we introduced to this warped, nonsensical version of her husband suddenly? The writing falters here badly. This has been done just to paint Saba into a corner to perpetuate the “bechaari” image.

Saba’s father ends up in the hospital, because he can’t just have a rational conversation with his daughter, but has to take stress due to her “bad behavior.” He also tells Saba’s older sister that she cannot speak to Saba, because Saba will take comfort in her speaking to her and continue in her wayward behavior. What kind of sister relationship is this? Do these people even KNOW their daughter/sister? Again, bad writing. Saba is forbidden from coming to the hospital after the family finds out that Saba left Ammar’s home.

In one fail swoop, “Khaas” lost its fluidity in storytelling. This episode is full of clichés, forced story points and illogical behavior. One can only hope that episode 20 brings the show back on track.