Khaas, Episode 15: Saba’s Marriage Goes From Bad to Worse

Khaas, Episode 15: Saba’s Marriage Goes From Bad to Worse

In Sanam Baloch’s Khaas, Saba continues to face emotional indifference from her husband.
Khaas, Episode 15: Saba’s Marriage Goes From Bad to Worse
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Khaas” continues to move forward in an interesting way, taking a different turn this week with two tracks finally branching off. While Saba (Sanam Baloch) continues to battle her feelings of discomfort regarding her friendship with Faakhir, her marriage continues to go South. Khaas, as a show, is fascinating in the way that it shows the viewer aspects of love, romance, friendship and depicts how easy it is for the lines to blur when relationships sour. Whether it be Saba’s friendship with Faakhir, Nida’s feelings for Faakhir or Ammar’s (Ali Rehman Khan) relationship with Salma, these relationships are complicated – and fascinatingly so.

In episode 15, Nida (Anam Goher) confesses her “love” for Faakhir (Haroon Shahid) in a way that’s almost psychotic. Unwilling to hear no for an answer, she pesters Faakhir to accept her love, completely taken aback by the idea that Faakhir could reject her. As Faakhir, shocked by this declaration, respectfully asks Nida to back off, she begins to barrage him with questions as to why he won’t accept her love – and goes to the point of attacking his “mystery lover, Saba.” Hearing this, Faakhir firmly asks Nida to leave. Nida heads home where she informs her family of her desire to marry Faakhir, conveniently leaving out the fact that Faakhir is simply not interested in her. At one point, while on the phone with Sonia, Nida and Sonia discuss Faakhir’s mental health. “Psycho to nahin hai?” is the statement made by Sonia (Mashal Khan) when Nida conveys Faakhir’s disinterest in her. This scene is almost like witnessing a dead end discussion – Sonia and Nida are unable to understand that a man can simply not be interested in someone. They decide that he must have a girlfriend – and Nida makes it her mission to get rid of his mystery girl….again, in a way that makes her seem imbalanced.

Faakhir confides in Saba about Nida’s interest in him and while Saba tells him that there’s nothing wrong in it and he should pursue it, Faakhir politely tells her that he cannot look at Nida that way. When she asks why, he confesses that he did once love someone, but she got married before he could say anything – obviously indicating towards Saba, but she is not aware of it.

Saba continues to stress over Ammar and her marriage as she can feel the situation spiraling out of control. Ammar buys a car for Saba to pacify her, but she refuses to show appreciation for this purchasing of loyalty – especially considering Ammar continues to see Salma (Hira Tareen) on a regular basis. This relationship escalates when Salma invites Ammar over for dinner to meet her parents. While he’s there, Saba calls and extends an invite for dinner from her own parents – which Ammar declines. Ammar is seen thinking back to Saba’s threat to leave him if he doesn’t take care of her emotionally and it’s clear that Ammar’s “switch” has turned off on his marriage. He appears to put all his focus on Salma and pleasing her and her family.

With this episode, it’s clear that Saba’s days in Ammar’s house as his wife are nearing an end. With her mother in law against her and Ammar turning his attention to Salma, things are going to become more difficult for her. Of course, this is even more certain once Nida realizes that the Saba she’s chasing is her own sister-in-law. This will put Saba in a negative light and, most likely, push Ammar to accuse her of an affair – just the excuse he needs - and remove her from his life. The show remains to be one that viewers look forward to watching each week. That being said, everyone continues to wonder – “Where is Momal Sheikh?”

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