Khaas, Episode 13: Saba Has A Change of Heart

Khaas, Episode 13: Saba Has A Change of Heart

In Sanam Baloch and Ali Rehman Khan’s “Khaas,” Saba decides to move past the problems and work on her marriage.
Khaas, Episode 13: Saba Has A Change of Heart
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Khaas” has continuously been a show that sparks discussion and debate on marriage and the responsibilities of a husband and wife in a marriage. Click on any episode of Khaas and the comments section alone will provide a mishmash of opinions – some fighting for Saba and sympathizing with her, while others blame her for the failure of her marriage. Whatever the opinion, Khaas definitely succeeds at one thing: opening the floor for discussion to occur over what is termed “abuse.” In the most recent episode of the show, the plot thickens.

Saba (Sanam Baloch) continues to confide in Faakhir (Haroon Shahid) over her marital problems with Ammar (Ali Rehman Khan) and how his gaslighting is causing her to feel mentally unstable. Faakhir consoles her and while this friendship is proving to be beneficial to Saba’s mental health, she begins to realize that it would be deemed inappropriate if others found out. She puts a stop to it, politely letting Faakhir know that he should restrict his interaction with her to being the wife of his friend. Faakhir, being respectful, obeys her wishes – as Nida, Ammar’s sister, continues her attempts to pursue him. Unfortunately (for her), Faakhir realizes that he has nothing in common with her.

Saba, coached by her mother-in-law (Saba Faisal) and Ammar’s Phupo (Sajida Syed), pulls herself out of her misery and dresses up for Ammar, deciding to make the first step to rebuilding her relationship. Ironically, Ammar, while out with Salma (Hira Tareen), has a discussion with her over why they should not have broken up and married other people. Just then, Salma’s husband shows up and Ammar gets into a scuffle with him. Injured, Ammar arrives at home, shocking the entire family. Ammar covers the situation by claiming he got into a fight with an acquaintaince.

Meanwhile, Saba nurses Ammar back to health (almost ridiculously so, treating him like he can’t walk) and finally “earns” a newfound respect from Ammar. Ammar not only praises Saba and thanks her for putting up with his bad behavior, but he also tells Faakhir that he really appreciates Saba and is glad he found a life partner like her. However, his conversations with Salma over the phone continue, as he tells Salma he will come over, despite her protests. It seems as though Ammar will cause trouble for Salma soon enough – and, of course, for himself as well.

What is the most interesting part of this episode is a discussion at the very end. Phupo and Farah (Natasha Ali) visit and have a discussion with Saba. Phupo is seen giving advice to the girls regarding maintaining their household and how it is the responsibility of a woman to hold her marriage together. And while Saba asks why a woman is responsible when it’s the efforts of both that make or break a marriage, Phupo (kindly) tells her that women are more emotional and understanding. She also tells them that their desire to work and be independent lessens a man’s worth and value. This scene perfectly illustrates what society elders (and even segments of the younger generation) believe about marriage and the role of a woman in a marriage. Phupo has old-age ideals and believes that men should be put on a pedestal and cared for – and while this mentality is dated, Phupo is not evil intentioned, rather she truly does seem to care. While Farah, being a working woman, playfully banters with Phupo and does not take her words to heart, Saba is seen thinking about these words – possibly an indication of what’s to come. Will Saba give up her hopes of a career for Ammar and resign herself to simply being a trophy wife? And considering Ammar’s new interest in Salma, how will her decision impact her in the long run?

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