KGF Star Yash Talks Fame and Fatherhood

KGF Star Yash Talks Fame and Fatherhood

KGF star Yash spoke to Subhash K Jha about the success of his film KGF and being a dad
KGF Star Yash Talks Fame and Fatherhood

KGF, the surprise blockbuster of 2018, which catapulted its leading man Yash to nationwide superstardom, is now in the process of getting itself a sequel.The shooting of  KFG 2 has started and there is a  look (thick beard and hair covering the face)  on the internet that’s being credited as Yash’s  ‘look’ for KFG 2.

“Ignore that picture,” Yash laughs when I catch up with him at the gym where he is accosted by fans for pictures, “They know my timings at the gym”.

As for the picture. “That’s not my look for KGF2. It’s a fan’s imaging of how I should look in  KGF. I am not revealing my look so early.  Let the audience get curious. We are going to  ensure KGF2 lives  up their expectations.”

The casting is yet to be fully decided. “We are in the process of casting for two of the main roles.  I know there were reports about a big name from Bollywood (Sanjay Dutt).  Let the decision be taken, then we’ll announce. Right now, we are still in talks. We haven’t approached anyone with the thought that he is a big name. We are going strictly by the suitability of an actor for a character.  I think the script is the real hero of  KGF. Even  I am not the heroin  KGF. I am the villain. The anti-hero, if you want  to call  it that.”

This is not to undermine the Bollywood film industry in any way.

Explains Yash, “All I am saying is,  the actors are being cast according to the suitability, not for their star status. Yes, we’ve approached a couple of big Bollywood names.  But only because they suit their roles. If these Bollywood names are not available to us we will find other actors.KGF  needs no  star names, not even me.”

I tell him that’s taking his humility too far and he replies, “I am not new to success and attention. I had a fair amount of both before KGF and I hope I will continue to have it after KGF. It’s important  to stay connected  to your roots and  not get carried away.”

Yash became the proud father of a daughter in December 2018.  All his fans want to know her name. Says Yash, “We are yet to name her.  It will be done at a ceremony in a few months. In the meanwhile, everyone in the family has a nickname for her. I call her Rasogulla.”

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