KeraStraight Intense Boost Treatment

KeraStraight Intense Boost Treatment

The perfect recipe for shiny, healthy and frizz free hair

WHAT: A hair treatment that renews, repairs and re-hydrates the hair with a protein hair mask.

WHERE: Pastels, First Floor, Mercato Mall, Jumeirah, 04 344 7883,

HOW LONG: 45 minutes

HOW MUCH: Dhs250

THE PROCESS: Amongst all the treatments at Pastels, the KeraStraight Intense boost treatment is the most recommended for those who want frizz-free and healthy tresses. The treatment begins with a hair wash using KeraStraight Pre-cleanse Shampoo. Once the shampoo is washed out, your well-trained therapist will use the same shampoo again and leave it in your hair for 10 minutes to open up your cuticles. After a final rinse, a KeraStraight protein mask which reconstructs and revitalises damaged hair is applied and left on for 30 minutes while your hair gets dried under the dryer at the same time. You will be then be treated to a relaxing scalp massage during the final rinse.

The protein mask which forms a fortifying net of low weight proteins not only repairs your hair but also makes sure each strand has renewed strength and elasticity.

To keep your hair frizz-free at all times, be sure to use the Straight Maintain Shampoo and Conditioner whenever you wash your hair. For best results, use the protein hair mask once every two weeks, depending on the quality of your hair.

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