“Keep Him He is Yours” Adnan Sami Trolled by a Famous Pakistani Actor
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“Keep Him He is Yours” Adnan Sami Trolled by a Famous Pakistani Actor

The famous singer trolled on social media after #airstike between India and Pakistan

The famous Bollywood singer Adnan Sami is being heavily trolled on social media for praising the IAF for the #airstrike against terrorist places in Pakistan.

It all began when the singer took to Twitter to laud the Indian Air Force (IAF) intrusion into Pakistani territory.

“The Force Is With You” @narendramodi ji. Respect to @IAF_MCC .#HowsTheJosh #StopTerrorism #JaiHind .” Adnan Sami wrote in his tweet.

This ignited the fire, as several Pakistani who termed him ‘a secret agent of Pakistan in India’ trolled the singer for trading his original, Pakistani citizenship for Indian citizenship.

The famous Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid refuses to even call him a Pakistani agent as intelligent agents at least have honour.

“Adnan Sami is not a Pakistani neither an agent as intelligence agents have honour he is the only Pakistani product that we are ashamed of. Keep him he is yours  ...” the actor wrote.

Earlier while responding to the trolls from Pakistan, Adnan Sami termed it ‘Ostrich mentality’.

His tweet read, “Dear Pak trolls, It’s not about your egos being given a reality check today; it’s about eliminating terrorists who you ‘claim’ are also your enemies! Your Ostrich mentality is laughable. By the way, your abuses expose your reality and therefore the only difference between you and a bucket of rubbish is the bucket!”

Adnan Sami was a Pakistani singer until he took the citizenship of India in 2016.

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