Kaya Gold Radiance Facial

Kaya Gold Radiance Facial

An exotic treatment for damaged skin

WHAT: This facial repairs sun damage, lightens your complexion, improves blood circulation and accelerates cell renewal.

: Kaya Skin Clinic, Marina Walk, Dubai, (plus other locations across the UAE). www.kayaskinclinic.me, 04 450 8438.

90 minutes.

HOW MUCH: Dhs1,300.

: Before the facial began you will have a consultation with a doctor who will recommend treatments to suit your skin type. The treatment starts with a deep cleanse of my face and neck, using a 24-carat gold deep peel. This works away a thin layer of dry skin cells and leaves your skin fresh and rejuvenated. This is followed by a full face massage using a 24-carat deep moisturising cream which will leave your
skin feeling silky smooth. After any
extractions, a vitamin serum sprinkled with
real gold flakes will be applied to your face. Next a special 24-carat gold and collagen
mask will be slathered on which will help enhance youth and elasticity. This will be left on for 10 minutes while your therapist will give you a relaxing hand massage. Your face will feel completely smooth and any bumps or pimples that were there before should miraculously disappear! The gold ingredient will definitely make a difference!

MAINTENANCE: While it's essential to
follow a good cleansing routine after this treatment, you will be given the gold mask
to take home and it can be reused for up
to a month.

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