Katrina-Ranbir: On the rocks?

Katrina-Ranbir: On the rocks?

We tell you why this relationship may not work out...
Katrina-Ranbir: On the rocks?
Ranbir and Katrina – a doomed relationship?

Ranbir Kapoor's love life has taken another turn. The buzz from Mumbai is that not all is well between the Barfi! actor and his alleged lady love Katrina Kaif. We say alleged because while the world know the two have been seeing each other for a long time now, the stars themselves have STILL not admitted to a relationship. This, despite being seen in public together, finding time for secret coffee and lunch dates, and spending New Year's Eve together last December!

Last week at the TOIFA awards in Vancouver, Kat and Ranbir seemed quite happy together and even posed for pictures for fans (something they have rarely done). A few weeks ago it was reported that they had a hush-hush lunch date at his house. It seemed their on-off relationship was on again but if sources are to be believed, their bond is in a fragile state now.
The reason for the rift comes in form of a shapely ex – Deepika Padukone, who is doing a neat balancing act between two men – personally (Ranveer Singh) and professionally (Ranbir). Of course, Deepika isn't the only factor though she is a big one. There are far too many thorns in this path of love


Katrina apparently wants to give the relationship a break primarily to test Ranbir's seriousness towards her. It's no secret that lady-killer Ranbir finds it difficult to stick to a woman. He is a serial dater but such is his charm that few women can say no to him! Kat and he had broken off once due to his link-ups with Nargis Fakhri, Anushka Sharma and others but she was drawn to him again last year. This time however, the rules have been changed. Kat wants to step back and let Ranbir do the wooing and waiting. Point is, will he?

The Deepika-Ranbir bond never really broke off. People who know her closely say Deepika's one and only true love is Ranbir. The Siddharth Mallya link-up was most certainly on the rebound while her current Ranveer Singh 'affair' is being viewed with scepticism. It was her determination and single-minded focus that fetched her Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani opposite Ranbir. The movie has brought her closer to her ex and while they haven't given any indication of getting back together, their chemistry is sizzling in promos, posters and at events. Deepika too, instead of refuting rumours, has chosen to give tantalising quotes. "With Ranbir, the past doesn't come into play at all," she said in an interview recently.