Katrina Kaif is Not the Only Star to Be Heckled by Fans

Fans often go overboard with stars for selfies and autographs
Katrina Kaif is Not the Only Star to Be Heckled by Fans
Katrina Kaif

There  is a video gone viral from Vancouver which  shows Katrina  Kaif being heckled by some female fans for not  posing for selfies with them. While Katrina  is seen handling the  public rebuke with  tremendous dignity,  the  video raises  the question of fans’ expectations.

Diljit Dosanjh who has undertaken innumerable concert tours in  the US and Canada and has a tremendous fan base in  these countries says  it doesn’t take much for fans to become foes. “Aap thake  hote  ho, araam  ki zaroorat  hoti hai. Phir bhi  aap 10 ke saath selfie lete ho. Lekin 11th ke saath agar sorry bolke na bol dete ho  toh woh aapko  budtaneez nakhre wale bolenge.” (You may be tired, you need rest yet you will be expected to click a selfie with 10 people. But if you say no to the 11th, you will be tagged as rude). Diljit has been changing his  mobile number constantly. He explains, “The  number of favour seekers from my  home state is  so  large  I am  unable to cope. Instead  of saying no to them I change my number.”

Apparently  there  is a history to Katrina’s   viral video.  A  source  close  to her  concert team  reveals,  “She had been rehearsing and performing non-stop. That was her only day off. She gently requested the fans to give her some time. They took offence and  waited  outside her hotel to boo her down. Is that fair?”

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