Katrina Kaif is Clearly Done with Priyanka Chopra Jokes Around Bharat

Katrina Kaif is Clearly Done with Priyanka Chopra Jokes Around Bharat

Katrina Kaif's one look to Bhai was enough for him to understand that she is done with Priyanka Chopra jokes around Bharat
Katrina Kaif is Clearly Done with Priyanka Chopra Jokes Around Bharat
Katrina Kaif

Since the past few days Salman Khan has been behaving like that family member who doesn't fail to remind everyone in all the conversations how he was ignored once and then goes on to make everything around everyone all about himself. Also, him not getting over Priyanka Chopra walking out of Bharat, was apparently becoming a tad-bit too annoying for everyone, even his fans.

Salman Khan, who is promoting his film Bharat, made sure that the world gets to know how he is bothered by Priyanka Chopra, walking out of the film, 5 days before it went on floors. He mentioned in several interviews that Priyanka chose marriage over ‘Bharat’ and that people would leave their husbands for such a role. He also said that it was the biggest film of her career, and continued to take jibes at her.

But it seemed like Priyanka, was not the only one at the receiving end of Salman’s unfair ribbing. Katrina Kaif, who was signed at the last minute for Bharat was also being made-fun of by Salman.

When asked what would be Katrina’s alternate career, Salman replied by saying that she should get married and have kids. He also mentioned in one of his interviews that he didn’t mind having children, but he didn’t desire the mothers that would come along with having kids. Salman, in his interviews with Katrina, was cutting her off quite frequently and continued to take potshots at Priyanka. This seemed to annoy Katrina after a point as well.

In this video, the interviewer is asking Katrina about her role and while she is talking, Salman suddenly in the background murmurs ‘Thank you Priyanka’. This did not seem to go down well with Katrina, who was visibly annoyed with him and gave him a stern look. Katrina, quickly composed herself and smiled at Salman and said, "Salman!" - and then went onto share how she fell in love with the role.

Seriously, Salman we get it you are annoyed with Priyanka. But let us remind you, walking out of films is not unheard of. Whether she did it for marriage or for any other, it was totally her choice and we are totally feeling Katrina because let's face it, this has gotten a bit much. Celebrities have walked out of projects while the films were being shot. Differences of opinions, creative differences are bound to happen in media. It is time big celebs accept it and move on.