Katrina Kaif Makes Up With Her Make-Up Man of 11 Years

Katrina Kaif Makes Up With Her Make-Up Man of 11 Years

Find out what transpired between Kat and Subhash
Katrina Kaif Makes Up With Her Make-Up Man of 11 Years
Katrina Kaif and Subhash

Katrina Kaif

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Katrina Kaif got rid of her make-up artiste of 11 years, Subhash, last year. Furthermore there has been no communication between them ever since Kat’s manager told Subhash that he should keep away since madam was very upset but Subhash wasn’t giving up.

This year, on Kat’s birthday, Subhash called her in London to wish her and this helped clear the air and bring about the final patch-up! According to Subhash, “Yes, Katrina and I spoke on her birthday and we’ve sorted everything out.” It was an emotional reunion and they’ve also decided to work together again.

To recall the parting of ways, here's what happened according to a source quoted by DNA, “Last year, when Katrina was shooting for Jagga Jasoos, Ramesh Taurani asked Subhash to fly down to Mauritius for his son’s next, directed by Navdeep Singh as he thinks Subhash is lucky for him. It was a 35-day schedule and as Kat’s shoot was for two days, when Subhash asked, she said she’d manage. There was a storm in Mauritius and shooting got delayed. Subhash was to come back for Katrina’s ad shoot at Mehboob on May 14, but could get tickets for only July 17.” 
When Subhash spoke to Kat’s manager Sandhya, she said the actress was upset with him but will eventually cool down. Subhash landed up in Mehboob to do Jacqueline’s make-up and he didn’t know Katrina was shooting for an ad in the same studio where the media too was present.
Later an upset Kat publicly let go of her make up go to guy of 11 years as she told the media that she had replaced Subhash since he wasn’t sincere towards his work. He broke down…  
So glad they made up!
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