Katrina-Gulshan kiss returns
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Katrina-Gulshan kiss returns

How will Kat react to bold scenes in the new DVD of 'Boom'?

Most of the people associated with the 2003 box-office turkey 'Boom' would rather forget all about it, including perhaps Katrina Kaif whose debut it was. But now the movie is going to be re-released on DVD, and might just bring back bad memories. The new DVD is reported to have lots of super-bold content, much of it involving Katrina.

Rumour is that the new DVD has as many as eight intimate scenes, including a kiss between Katrina and Gulshan Grover. Kat had supposedly got these scenes deleted from the initial DVD, with Salman Khan's help.

Apparently, the distributor of 'Boom' has said that the new sexy scenes will be included in the re-released DVD.

What will Kat have to say about this, we wonder? Watch this space for updates!

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