Katrina gets irritated

Katrina gets irritated

I am not the spokesperson for Salman and Akshay!

Although she does not like talking about Salman Khan in her interviews, Katrina Kaif has spoken about Sallu in the latest issue of Filmfare.

At the event to launch the cover of this issue, Kat was predictably grilled about Salman by the media.

When a TV scribe asked her to dish out a few quotes to entice the viewers Kat changed the topic by saying that most of the times scribes exaggerate things!

A TV reporter then asked her if she had to choose between Salman Khan, and cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh, who would it be?

Recently, when the flamboyant sportsmen made an appearance in Sony TV's reality show 10 Ka Dum hosted by Sallu, both had mentioned Kat as their favourite actress.

So on being asked to choose, the gorgeous actress said: "Yuvraj is a batsman, Harbhajan is a bowler and Salman is an actor. All three have different personalities and nothing in them is common. So there is no space for confusion."

After a few more questions, an irritated Katrina said that she was not the official spokesperson for Akshay Kumar or Salman!