Kate Middleton and Prince William in Pakistan: Prince William Remembers Son Prince George in Margalla Hills

Kate Middleton and Prince William in Pakistan: Prince William Remembers Son Prince George in Margalla Hills

Kate Middleton and Prince William's children did not accompany them to the visit to Pakistan but they are on their minds. Here is a detail

Kate Middleton and Prince William are currently touring Pakistan on a five-day tour. This trip is being considered as one of the most sensitive trips of these days owing to the security situation in Pakistan. Prince William and Kate Middleton were considered the best choice for this trip due to their diplomatic skills. Prince William was also the first British Royal to visit Palestine and Israel. Their Pakistan tour is a center of media’s attention at the moment as it is working towards building a positive image of the country which had otherwise been damaged due to terrorism allegations.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are hands-on parents who make sure that they even drop their children to school themselves. The couple is often seen spending time with their children and keeping them along to most of the places they go to. In fact, they even broke the royal protocol by taking Prince George with them to a royal tour to New Zealand. As per the royal protocol, no two heirs can be in one aircraft. The royal couple has left their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis home who are being taken care of by their maternal grandparents the Middletons.

During a trip to Margalla Hills National Park, the royal couple saw a slideshow of unusual animals in the park which included leopards, porcupines, cape hares, and many more. Upon seeing a lizard on the monitor, Prince William instantly remembered his son and said, 'George would love hat.’ Prince William was amazed to see the footage of a snow leopard chasing markhor. He said, ‘Look at it, it's incredible, absolutely incredible.’

It is interesting to note that Prince William and Kate Middleton dropped their children to school even a few hours before flying to Pakistan. They scheduled their trip in a way that they could be home on the weekend with their children. Unlike their royal cousin Archie who visited South Africa with his parents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children have to stay home as they wait for their parents to end the royal tour.

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