Kate Middleton and Prince William: A Picture Perfect Royal Family
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Kate Middleton and Prince William: A Picture Perfect Royal Family

Kate Middleton and Prince William are finally the picture perfect royal family the world wanted to see

After many troubled royal marriages, William and Kate Middleton are an example of a picture perfect happy family. The ever-smiling Kate Middleton and the family-oriented William with their three children are exactly how we imagine a royal couple to be. This family has brought the Royals back to people’s hearts since Diana’s death. Public sentiment had gone against one of the oldest royal families as people loved her dearly. The new royals which include William and Harry have always earned people’s love due to their mother Princess Diana who was the queen of hearts. The new royals are closer to the public and relatable in many ways.

William and Kate met each other in St. Andrews where they studied Art History together. Initially, they were just friends. William found himself attracted to Kate Middleton when he saw her walking down the ramp for a fashion show in the university. Soon love sparked and they were inseparable. Kate Middleton was the centre of media’s attention and the paparazzi would follow her wherever she went. However, only two years after they graduated the couple broke up. William was just 24 and not willing to settle. He had a ‘roving eye’ and was always looking for something new. Although Kate tried her level best to keep William engaged in her, Kate was also tired of his controlling behaviour and could not take it anymore.

After the breakup, the two young people did everything anyone at their age would. William was photographed having the time of her life in the nightclubs of London. Although this breakup had deeply affected Kate, she knew she would not make a fool of herself. She also took this time to have the time of her life. She made sure she was not just partying but also being clicked so that William could see what she was up to. Kate was also smart enough not to speak to the press during this time. Kate knew what she was doing and this trick actually worked. William could not handle her happiness when she was away from him. This also leaves a message for anyone breaking up with the loved one that nothing works better than your ex sees you having the time of your life. Being the damsel in distress never helped anyone.

Needless to say, the couple got back together in 2007 when William and Harry organized a concert for their late mother. They got engaged in 2010 when William proposed Kate with his mother’s ring. They got married in 2011 in a fairy-tale wedding. Today they have three children together (one of whom is the future king of England). Kate Middleton is the future queen of England and immensely loved by all. What more to ask for? Hence, pick the tips from one of the most glamorous women in the world and never shed a tear post a breakup.

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