Kate Middleton and Miranda Kerr’s Beauty Secret Revealed!

Kate Middleton and Miranda Kerr’s Beauty Secret Revealed!

Kate Middleton, Miranda Kerr, and thousands of beauty bloggers swear by this oil

Rosehip oil is extracted from a specific variety of rose and has gained popularity in the beauty world for the several benefits it serves; especially for the skin. The cold-pressed rosehip oil comes from the hips and seeds of the rose flower is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C, and E – all of which contribute to its many benefits. Read on as we explore the many different benefits of this magical oil and why you need to add it to your skincare routine immediately.

1. Moisturising 

Rosehip oil can work wonders as an alternative to your moisturiser and will leave your skin feeling supple and soft. About 20 minutes before you sleep, apply the oil to your face using a cotton pad and let your skin absorb all the nutrients. Rosehip oil can also be mixed with hyaluronic acid; which also has amazing moisturising properties.

2. Reduces wrinkles and firms the skin 

Rosehip oil is packed with all the beauty essentials your skin needs, including anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins A and C.  These ingredients contribute towards reducing signs of ageing, smoothing fine lines and thickening the deeper layers of skin. The formula can provide your skin with a strong antioxidant boost, making your skin feel and look younger for longer.

3. Prevents acne and breakouts 

Rosehip oil contains powerful properties which can contribute to improving skin’s health. When skin is undernourished, it tends to secrete excess oil; which is turn causes acne. Rosehip oil prevents this from happening and helps unclog pores and prevent breakouts. Apply oil to a cotton pad and apply all over your face and neck and wash as usual. 

4. Enhances Eyelashes 

This oil can promote hair growth and enhance your eyelashes. Add two to five drops of the oil to a cotton ball and apply gently to eyelashes. Apply on a daily basis to see results.

5. Brightens skin tone 

Vitamin C is known to have a skin brightening effect which in turn gives you a radiant complexion. This concoction is easy on the skin and evens out skin tone while reducing blotches or patchy skin. Apply to clean, damp skin twice a day for maximum results.