Karisma's lip service

Karisma's lip service

Lolo reveals the beauty product she just can't do without!

Every woman has that one beauty product that she just can't do without. For Karisma it's lip balm. Lolo reveals, "I love my lip balm. I love it so much that I can never leave home without it."

The actress, who is working on a movie 'Dangerous Ishq', after a sabbatical of five years, says she never used to pay attention to her skin earlier. But now the mum-of-two is conscious of pampering herself.

"Honestly, I used to be so busy with working that I didn't have time to even apply cream. Now I realise that it should have been a concern for me at that time, but I ignored it at that point," she added.

Doesn't look like the neglect turned into anything serious, as we can see from the star's glowing skin! We're jealous!


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