Karisma Kapoor, Sunny Deol Booked in Indian Railways Case For Delaying a Train Back in 1997
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Karisma Kapoor, Sunny Deol Booked in Indian Railways Case For Delaying a Train Back in 1997

Karisma Kapoor and Sunny Deol were shooting for their film in 1997 when they allegedly pulled the emergency chain during filming

When it comes to Bollywood, numerous stars have been embroiled in controversies. In cases of legal trouble, stars often had to take matters to the court to get them resolved. Some are granted bail or proven innocent, while others are accused guilty. Regardless, the justice system calls for fair judgement for all citizens, even if they are celebrities. Now in the past, the likes of Saif Ali Khan, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Sanjay Dutt and many others have been asked to present themselves in court. This time around, it’s Sunny Deol and Karisma Kapoor who have landed themselves in some legal trouble.

Back in 2010, a sessions court in India had acquitted Sunny and Karisma but this time around, it’s the railway court that has filed charges against the two stars. Sunny and Karisma had allegedly pulled the emergency chain of a train while shooting for one of their films, over 20 years ago. The assistant station master of the time, Sitaram Malakar had lodged a complaint at the General Railway Police accusing the stars of violating Section 141 – which is about interfering with the means of communication in a train, needlessly – and Section 145, for nuisance, Section 146 for obstructing a railway servant in his duties and Section 147 – to trespass and refusing to stop from trespassing of the Railways Act.

After the charges filed by the railway court, the two hired AK Jain as their counsel and challenged the order at the sessions court on Wednesday. Jain revealed that the actors were accused of illegally pulling the chain of train 2413-A Uplink Express, which led to its delay by 25 minutes. “The counsel stated the charges were initially read out against Sunny and Karisma back in 2009, which was challenged in April 2010. The sessions court forgave the two, however, on September 17, the railway court again framed the charges against the two,” Jain added. As of now, Sunny and Karisma haven’t commented on the reopening of the case.

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