Karisma Kapoor Feels Taimur Ali Khan Gets Blessings When He's Clicked By Paparazzi
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Karisma Kapoor Feels Taimur Ali Khan Gets Blessings When He's Clicked By Paparazzi

Karisma Kapoor, aunt of Taimur Ali Khan believes that whenever the 2-year-old is getting photos clicked by paparazzi, he's getting a lot of blessings

Much like Bollywood stars and couples, their kids are also a target of paparazzi - especially if their parents are A-listers. One such star kid, Taimur Ali Khan has been under constant public eye ever since he was born in 2016. Obviously, his parents Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan are also often clicked by photographers across India but it seems like Taimur has now become their favourite. Whether he is just returning him from pre-school, or out for a play date, paparazzi seems to be following his every move. While his parents are sometimes concerned about the amount of photos being clicked of him, his aunt Karisma Kapoor seems to think otherwise.

In a recent interview with DNA India, Karisma said, " We need to understand that the film industry comes with its strappings. Taimur is so cute and everyone loves him so much, that the paparazzi and the photographers love to take his pictures all the time. I believe that when he is being photographed, he is getting blessings of a lot of people on a daily basis. Kareena and Saif also look at this segment in our lives the way that I do. Often we try to give our children a normal life, and they are very normal while at home and school. Only when they face the shutterbugs do they wonder what is happening."

A few weeks ago, Kareena shared that she, along with Saif, have often thought about sending Taimur to a boarding school. She stated, " We both are pretty much in for it. The life in Mumbai, the life we have in the movies, might push us to the point. Right now, I can't have people trailing him around. It just bothers me when people say, 'Oh I look at Taimur's picture and it makes me happy'. I find it little weird also because I don't look at other kids' pictures and say it makes me happy. It is just the way I am. It will be great if he can have a normal life, though we are trying as much as we can."

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