Kareena Kapoor’s Love For Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter), And Reasons Why It Should Be In Your Kitchen Right Away

Kareena Kapoor’s Love For Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter), And Reasons Why It Should Be In Your Kitchen Right Away

Let's get to know why the Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor is such a strong proponent of consuming desi ghee in her meals.

In one of her interviews, Actor Kareena Kapoor revealed that she loves to have aloo paratha in breakfast with a dollop of desi ghee(clarified butter)over it. In fact, on being asked by what her favorite ingredient was, Kapoor was very effusive about all that golden goodness.

“Ghee! I like it on my rice and dal, and on my rotis. Ghee, contrary to what many people believe, has several health benefits. My grandmom is still beautiful in her 80s, and she has eaten ghee all her life. I believe her clear skin is because of all the ghee she has eaten. Ghee also makes your body supple and keeps you energetic.”

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She claimed desi ghee to be “glamorous” and the secret to her flawless skin is clarified butter.The Bollywood diva recently ringed her 38th birthday, yet she gives us fashion and fitness goals to date.

The Benefits:

Ghee has been used for centuries in South Asian cooking and Ayurvedic medicine, but recently has caught lots of attention in the health and wellness space. Let's get to know why she is such a strong proponent of clarified butter and why we need to immediately add ghee in our diets.

1. Ghee is low on Glycaemic Index and makes sure your blood sugar levels are regulated.

2. It insulates your body frm within while helping you keep warm and is a good source of energy too.

3. Ghee is good for intestines. It is packed with butyric acid, which makes it an ideal pick to support the health of the intestinal walls.

4. It's loaded with vitamins, Vitamin A is great for your immune health, your vision, and your reproductive organs, but it can also contribute to better heart health. Ghee also contains small amounts of vitamin K and vitamin E and B12.

5. It has strong antioxidant properties that fight free radicals e.g. diseases like cancer etc.

6. Ghee makes for a good source of good fats. Fats present in ghee are not associated with heart diseases in the way that long-chain fatty acids are, as they are used directly as energy by the body and not stored as fats.

7. Clarified ghee is anti-inflammatory

8. It has fewer chances of triggering allergic reactions e.g. if you are lactose intolerant or sensitive,you might want to add ghee in your diet routine.

9. Vitamin K present in clarified butter helps in heathy bones and structure.

So if you haven’t already added desi ghee(clarified butter) in your diet,take cue from out famous fitness diva Kareena Kapoor and get on the desi ghee bandwagon right now for all its umpteenth benefits. The idea is to use ghee in moderate proportions and not overdo it. Despite its health benefits and benefits for weight loss, ghee should be taken in moderation, considering it is high in saturated fats.