Kareena Kapoor's Best Kept Beauty Secrets And Favourite Products Revealed..

Kareena Kapoor's Best Kept Beauty Secrets And Favourite Products Revealed..

On her birthday, we share some of Actress Kareena Kapoor beauty hacks that make her look darn good all the time.

Actor Kareena Kapoor Khan is the true diva of the tinsel town, the uncrowned princess of Bollywood who wears her confidence on her sleeves. Not only has she wowed everyone with her stellar performances on silver screen, but her total dedication to keeping fitness on her top priority list is something to be aspired for. One of the most beautiful actresses of beautiful, thanks to her gene pool, and rest is all the maintenance on the part of the scintillating actress. Kareena is clearly very health conscious and that shows on her beautiful skin.

Kareena Kapoor’s Secret To Glowing Skin:

In case you are wondering what is Kareena's beauty secret - we have got you covered.

1. Coconut Water:

The secret to her glowing and healthy skin is coconut water. It's basic, it's organic and it is easy on the pocket. Having one glass a day ensures supple skin and provides maximum hydration after a long day at the gym too.

2. Boiled Water:

Kareena also drinks eight to ten glasses of boiled water every day to flush out toxins from her body, because as simple as it may sound, but a robust metabolism is very important for a healthy body and skin.

3. Almond Oil:

Kareena Kapoor is a strong proponent of using almond oil as a moisturiser. She believes in moisturising her face at all time since she travels all the time. She likes using almond oil for head and scalp massage as well since its not sticky and can work as a serum also.

4. Honey:

No prizes for guessing the begum of Bollywood uses honey as it cleans and softens her skin.she regularly massages her face with honey before washing it off.

Favourite Beauty Products:

· She loves kohl-rimmed eyes and Lakme absolute kohl or Chanel black kohl are her all-time favourite.

· Lancome face wash to cleanse the face

· Sisley hydra-global intense Anti-ageing hydration moisturiser to moisture the skin.

· Clarins hydraQuench rich cream to nourish the skin during winters.

· Clarins Sunscreen

Kareena Kapoor beauty tips are simple and she does rely heavily on natural ingredients. She tries to minimize using products with chemicals. Indeed, she prefers not to go for facials. Implement these beauty tips in your daily routine to have a gorgeous skin

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