Kareena Kapoor Says Diljit Dosanjh Doesn't Talk Much: Diljit Explains Why
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Kareena Kapoor Says Diljit Dosanjh Doesn't Talk Much: Diljit Explains Why

Kareena Kapoor Khan said Diljit Dosanjh should speak more. Diljit explains why he didn't talk much

The genial and talented Diljit Dosanjh’s new single ‘Kylie + Kareena’ is a hit. One doesn’t know if  Kylie Jenner has heard it. But Kareena certainly did. And she’s all praise for her Good News co-star.

Forever humble (and it’s not a put-on, I can vouch for that) Diljit responds, “I am truly happy that Kareenaji noticed my song, and liked it. It was just something I composed on a whim because both Kylie and Kareena had the letter ‘K’ in common. So I put the song together for my two ‘Krush’ (with the letter K).”

Kareena complains that Diljit doesn’t talk much. Here is his rather sweet explanation: “Woh kya hai jee, they talk in English on the sets. Main beech mein Hindi mein bolu toh achcha nahin lagta. But from now I’ll definitely make an effort to speak to her. She makes me nervous. Itni badi star hain. But no airs at all.”

Diljit and Kareena first came together in Udta Punjab. “It was my first Hindi film and she is a superstar. She could have easily said no to being paired with someone who was unknown in  Hindi cinema. But she agreed to work with me. I learnt so much just being around her.”

Currently, Diljit is shooting again with Kareena, this time for the Karan Johar production Good News.

The bad news for Diljit is that this time he isn’t paired with Kareena.

“But I’ve lots of scenes with her in Good News, in fact all my important scenes are with her,”  Diljit informs happily.

His next Bollywood release is the comedy Arjun Patiala with Kriti Sanon as his co-star. Diljit calls it a “full-on comedy with plenty of adventure and entertainment.”

He also intends to devote time in the coming months to a new music album. “That Kim/Kareena song just happened on an impulse. I am working on a substantial music album. Music will always be my first love.”

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