Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Top Quotes: Kon Hai Yeh? Jisne dobara mudke mujhe nahi dekha? WHO IS HE?
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Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Top Quotes: Kon Hai Yeh? Jisne dobara mudke mujhe nahi dekha? WHO IS HE?

Bebo aka Kareena Kapoor continues to be Bollywood’s sweetheart. Here are all the times Kareena Kapoor has made headlines with her quotes and dialogues!

It has been 18 years since Karan Johar gave us the feistiest Bollywood heroine of all time – Poo!! Only Kareena Kapoor, now Kareena Kapoor Khan could have played the role of Poo so effortlessly. So much so that she instantly became a pop culture icon and a guiding light of unabashed self-love in an era of shy and/or often chaotic heroines who would pine for their heroes for ultimate validation. Continuously, Kareena has provided the audiences with sufficient reasons to believe that she really is an unstoppable force. From shattering sexist norms in Bollywood to always erupting with sass, Kareena has carved out a path for herself so graciously. Here are a few Kareena Kapoor Khan quotes that prove she is the ultimate Bollywood babe...

  • “Over the years of courtship and being together, we realized that there was no value left for anything. People just want to know what we're eating, which designer I'm wearing, who we've invited... Saif and I decided that we wanted to keep the purest part of our relationship sacred. We followed protocol by going out on to the terrace and waving at the media after officially registering the marriage, but they didn't need to know more than that.”
  • My parents are very modern. My father is a cosmopolitan person. He always supported the fact that I will be an actress. There is nothing else I would do rather than being an actor. I am passionate about acting. Girls in our family are not allowed to act is quite an outdated thought to have. They did it till my mother but now no more.
  • In 2007, my life changed forever. I signed on Tashan, a full-on glamorous masala movie, with two of the hottest and fittest actors around: Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan. And me, rising out of the sea like a Bond girl, wearing nothing but a green bikini. I had nightmares of how my love handles would be on display for the whole world to see.

  • Heroine is about a declining and imbalanced superstar - a very brave and bold role. I wanted to test whether I could carry a role like this. I have given 200 per cent to this role. She's a very complex character, very aggressive, manipulative and bold, yet she's very fragile.
  • I don't know why people feel that I am snooty. I am not a person who has ever given an interview on image building. I have never been that person, as I am very confident of what I do. People do PR, but I get completely foxed. I don't know how to do it. I stay away from the limelight, as I think my work should speak on my behalf.
  • Once, in a magazine interview, I said the difference between shoe ladies and bag ladies is that shoe ladies are just a bit classier. Finished! That started World War III among all the women I knew. I only meant that shoes do more for your look and body than bags do!

  • It's a political and manipulative industry. Actors vie for the same roles, movies are snatched away. Have I ever been manipulated? Yes. But I haven't manipulated anyone because if you think from the heart, you cannot be calculative. I have spent nights crying.
  • My co-stars call me selfish. They say, 'You are only interested in yourself and what you are only interested is yourself and what you are doing in front of the camera.' I reply, 'I can't help it; it's what got me where I am.'
  • Frankly, we actresses are so much in a hurry. We feel we have very few years to shine in our career, so we neglect our personal life. But for me, both aspects are equally important. I don't want to grow old and have regrets.
  • It's unarguable that the right shoes can really add elegance to an outfit and to the person who's wearing them. Take a pair of high heels, for instance. Suddenly, you're looking taller, shoulders back, body curved.

  • We do not feel insecure. This is my professional life and my personal life has got nothing to do with it (professional life) at all. They are two separate areas of my life. There is no insecurity that I feel (when Saif getting intimate with any heroine). He is an actor and that is his job. He should get intimate with other actresses. If it is a romantic song he should look like a romantic hero. He should look good all the time (with his co-stars). I want him to do that and vice versa.
  • "What works for another actress might not work for me. What works for me may not work for someone else. Every actor is different. I couldn’t have been part of The Dirty Picture. I don’t have the courage or boldness for that. But for me it’s a challenge to be part of a film like Golmaal. It’s an honour to be part of Singham Returns. It’s unfair to comment on others. Comparisons are boring."

After a hiatus, Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan return to the big screen with Lal Singh Chaddha which is an official remake of Forrest Gump. The film goes is scheduled for release this October and will have both the leading stars portray several looks in it.