Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Approach To Motherhood is Spot On
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Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Approach To Motherhood is Spot On

Kareena Kapoor Khan spoke to Anupama Chopra about balancing motherhood and a career

We all remember Kareena Kapoor from her Kubhi Khushi Kubhi Ghum days. Our favorite Pooh never grew up for us. We always remember her as ‘her own favorite’ from Geet in Jab We Met. She personified the bubbly girl who loved herself dearly. Every girl fell in love with her and wanted to be Geet for all the right reasons.

After almost twenty years she still stands relevant and continues working full time. Kareena Kapoor's pregnancy also made a statement that a pregnant woman can also work hard. She flaunted her pregnancy and was openly talking about it. When Kareena Kapoor gave birth to her son Taimur, she was soon back to films after not-so-long maternity leave. Her passion and zeal for her work is an inspiration for many aspiring professionals.

It is sometimes tricky to define who a working mother is. Is it only an office going mother bringing money home or also a mother who stays home working all day to give her family the comfort of a cozy home? While we glorify the women who strike a balancing act it does get tricky to say that stay-at-home moms are not working mothers. It is safe to say that all mothers are working mothers.

Being a stay-home mother can be taxing, at times. Utilizing your full potential both within and outside the home is vital for a mother’s own wellbeing. Only happy mothers can raise happy and complete human beings.

In an interview to Anupama Chopra, Kareena Kapoor Khan proved once again that she has her priorities right and understood this dilemma very well. She said, “I work for myself”.

How important it is for mothers not to negate their own being when they have children. She said that although she loves her son Taimur and wants to be around him all the time work is also important. Taimur is definitely more important to Kareena Kapoor hence she has decided to keep it relaxed. She said that she might do only one film a year so that she can strike a balance.

It is important for celebrities to use their influence positively and set an example for their followers. In today’s time and age, everything is documented and noted. Filmstars are no more mysterious for people.  Fans always take their favorite celebrities as role models.
This statement by Kareena Kapoor Khan has set an example for many young girls who will follow her footsteps.

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By Saadia Ahmed
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