Kareena Kapoor Has Some Wise Advice For Karisma’s Daughter
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Kareena Kapoor Has Some Wise Advice For Karisma’s Daughter

Kareena Kapoor shares a close bond with Karisma Kapoor’s children. On a recent talk show she parted with some advice for Karisma’s daughter Samaira and we should all follow

Sister duo, Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor are rather close and share a rather special bond. Being so close to her sister, Kareena Kapoor has a special place in her heart for Karisma Kapoor’s two children, Samaira and Kiaan. Samaira, being a girl, is extremely special to her aunt Kareena. When Kareena Kapoor has some time off from her busy schedule, she loves spending time with her niece and nephew. Being a mother herself, she recently made an appearance on a talk show, where she was asked about any advice she has for a niece and it is probably the best advice to give.

On a recent chat show, Romedy Now, Kareena Kapoor spoke about the effects of social media and the impact it has on our lives. While speaking on the topic of social media, Kareena Kapoor parted with some wise advice for her niece. Kareena Kapoor mentioned all the effects that social media has on our lives and revealed that she has been telling Karisma Kapoor to reduce the time the Samaira spends on social media.

In the chat show of Romedy Now, Kareena spoke about social media and its effects on our lives. While talking about it, Bebo even gave a valuable piece of advice for her niece. Kareena mentioned the effects of social media on life and stated that she has been constantly telling her sister, Karisma that Samaira’s time on social media should be reduced. Bebo also mentioned that she often sees Samaira using social media apps like Snapchat and more and feels she is missing on out regular things like reading a book or more.

“My sister has a 14-year-old and she is also constantly on social media like Snapchat and everything else. All that goes on all day. I told Lolo that it has to be limited. Because then it is just about you're sitting there and that's all you're doing. You're not reading a book, you're not looking out of the window, you're not conversing with anyone, you're not spending time with family, friends, nothing. We're losing the essence of even a nice chat. It is important to limit social media,” she said on the talk show.

This could be the reason Kareena Kapoor herself isn’t on social media, however, her team does take to Instagram to share updates and glimpses of her life with her fans and followers. Karisma Kapoor too is  an avid user of social media and took to Instagram regularly during their trip to London this summer.

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She was also present at Bebo’s birthday celebrations and took to her Instagram account to share some fun snaps from the celebrations.

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