Karan Oberoi's Accuser Alleges Attack, Pooja Bedi Continues to Stand By Karan
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Karan Oberoi's Accuser Alleges Attack, Pooja Bedi Continues to Stand By Karan

Karan Oberoi's accuser has alleged that she was attacked by motorcyclists who wanted her to drop the allegations

Actor-musician  Karan  Oberoi has been in custody for two weeks now. He was arrested and denied bail for alleged rape and blackmail. Earlier a senior inspector confirmed when Karan was arrested, “We have arrested the actor on the basis of a complaint registered by the woman. He is currently in police custody ... Oberoi not only raped the woman and filmed the act but also demanded money from the victim threatening to release the video if she did not pay up.” On Saturday morning Karan’s accuser dropped another damning accusation, claiming she was attacked by motorcyclists who warned her to drop the allegations against Karan.

However, Karan’s best friend Pooja Bedi stands by him. “Let the police investigate its authenticity If it's TRUE to let the culprits be caught. And if it's another concocted story by her to tamper with Karan’s bail then let that be exposed as well. Innocent men languishing  for weeks, months, and   years in overcrowded prisons because of false cases is a failure  of legal processes and a burden on court systems.”

Apparently, Karan had a panic attack in the police vehicle while attending court. Pooja Bedi doesn’t subscribe to this line of thought. “His sister and lawyer say he is fine. The order of sessions judge said FIR charges seemed hard to believe, given the evidence.

But went on to state it seemed they were in a committed relationship. Which is even more baffling as to why he wasn't given bail after such observations.”

Pooja spends a lot of time agonizing over how Karan spends his time in jail. “Caged in with 80 people in his barrack and sleeping next to a gutter. For no reason. No crime. No fault of his. Just a vengeful evil woman.”

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