Karan Oberoi Galvanises Support for #Mentoo Through Section 375
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Karan Oberoi Galvanises Support for #Mentoo Through Section 375

#Metoo accused Karan Oberoi is inspired by Akshaye Khanna’s films

Actor-musician  Karan Oberoi who was accused  of  sexual harassment is out on bail and gathering support for  the ‘MenToo’ Movement, a counter rallying-point for men who have been falsely accused of,  and  sometimes jailed  for  years, for sexual misconduct.

 In this endeavour Karan along with screenwriter Manish Gupta organised a screening the hard-hitting film Section 375 in which a  film director is accused  of rape.

Says Karan, “I could barely hold back my tears after watching Section 375. It is a very important film for a discussion at this point of time. I was emotionally quite shaken up seeing it.  It hit a raw nerve.”

Karan is quick to add that his  predicament was different from the one shown in  the  film. “The legality was similar. But I am way different as a person from the one that  actor Rahul Bhat  plays in Section 370.So there is no identification at a personal level. But surely the ordeal is similar.”

Karan organised a  screening  of Section 375 for men who have been falsely accused  of  sexual crimes. He explains, “It is a very important step in the right direction. I saw so many men break down on seeing the film. There were a 100 such  falsely accused men watching  the  film. They need to know there are many thousands of lives being destroyed by this legal terrorism. We  held the screening   in Ghatkopar East(Mumbai)  in  Tuesday,  October 1 at Ghatkopar East, 7.30 pm show. Neelyog Square mall.”

 Karan  was  deeply moved by the  plight  of those  accused  who watched the film. “Each one  has a very tragic story to tell. These are the ones who have suffered and chose to continue the fight for other accused and damaged people. I am just trying to galvanize all of them and  to make an impact so as to  the let the world know of the injustice. I want this  kind of legalized  terrorism  to end  with me. No one should be thrown into jail  by any vindictive  woman in the  future.”

Adds Karan, “Section 375 is a pertinent  film it is  a mirror to society ! Films are a mass media, so they have the ability to make people see  the fault lines that exist within our society. The fact that we have an evolved and more receptive  audiences, to this form of storytelling , is a testimony to the fact that a lot of people are waking up to this harsh reality of  false accusations of  sexual  crimes  that plagues our nation.”

Karan says he felt  vindicated after seeing Section 375. “ For me, it’s almost cathartic to experience this on screen. My association with this film is only to the extent that I understand  and appreciate that it’s a very well- researched, well-documented and skilfully written film that the writer Manish  Gupta  has made painstaking  efforts, showing the actual reality of our judicial and  societal lapses on celluloid and I  am a big fan of the writer Manish Gupta and the film’s director  Ajay Rai  for that ! We have decided to come together and take this initiative forward by exploring synergies and make the other affected voices heard in the best possible ways. To each of our strengths and voices together to make some difference. Justice has to be gender neutral!”

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