Karan Oberoi Accused Of Rape And Blackmail

Karan Oberoi has been accused of rape and blackmail in a shocking turn of events. Read more
Karan Oberoi Accused Of Rape And Blackmail
Karan Oberoi

About 12 years ago, Karan Oberoi was dating tv actress Mona Kapoor. This is when I first knew him. They met and fell in love while shooting for Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin. A well-spoken polite and cultured bloke, Karan was at that point of time, very serious about two things: music and Mona, not necessarily in that order. He is now arrested on rape and blackmail charges.

According to a report in Indian Express, a senior inspector confirmed, “We have arrested the actor on the basis of a complaint registered by the woman. He is currently in police custody ... Oberoi not only raped the woman and filmed the act but also demanded money from the victim threatening to release the video if she did not pay up.”

Karan was part of an all-boys musical band Band of Boys. He was also anchoring the long-running show Antakshari on Zee.

Karan had said, “I decided to anchor Antakshari because I love music and Zee allowed me to host it my way. I love kids and interacting with them.”
In an interview to me given in 2007 Karan had said, “Mona has Bollywood aspirations, I don't. For me, music is everything. Even if Band of Boys is reduced to just one boy, I'll continue to sing. Both of us have army backgrounds, but what really bonds us is our small-town roots. We haven't forgotten where we've come from.”

And now this shocking state of affairs.

Friends say they were not even aware that Karan was in a relationship with the accuser.

“We’ve no idea who she is. Karan never spoke to us about her. The guy we know would never do something so heinous and unpardonable. We were trying to get in touch with him. But his phone was switched off for some time now. We’re hoping he would be out of police custody soon,” said a friend who didn’t want to be named.