Guess What? Karan Johar Has a SECRET WhatsApp Group to Trash Other Celebrities
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Guess What? Karan Johar Has a SECRET WhatsApp Group to Trash Other Celebrities

Karan Johar's WhatsApp group has some other friends who join in to make fun of other stars. Find out who they are!

Did you know that Karan Johar has a secret WhatsApp Group where he criticises stars for their horrible style sense? And you’ll be shocked to know that there are many other B-town stars who’ve joined Karan in his fashion police brigade on WhatsApp. Reports suggest that style diva, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Ranbir Kapoor are also part of this group. Surprised? We were too! 

Karan revealed that the members gather together on the group chat to talk about the horrendous fashion sense of some of the Bollywood stars (and we know there are quite a few). The WhatsApp group is apparently called, "Gutttts" and along with Kareena, Ranbir and Karan, also features Malaika Arora and her sister Amrita Arora. During an interview when Karan was asked if he has ever taken a screenshot of any celebs' airport or gym look just to bitch about it on a WhatsApp group. Karan was quick to respond in "I have". He then went on to reveal to Firstpost in an interview, "Are you mad? We have many groups just for this. In fact, me, Kareena, Malaika and Amu (Amrita Arora) have a group called "Guttttts", which means that they have guts to leave their houses looking like that. It's called "Guts" with 5 Ts. It's Guttttts. And we also gut them so you know there is a pun there!"

Well, while we think this is a rather insensitive group to create, we can’t deny how entertaining it might be! Who’s up for a peak into the chats that take place in this group?

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