Kapil Sharma Breaks Silence on Replacing Navjot Singh Sidhu on His Show

Kapil Sharma Breaks Silence on Replacing Navjot Singh Sidhu on His Show

The comedian clears the air around the ongoing controversy!
Kapil Sharma Breaks Silence on Replacing Navjot Singh Sidhu on His Show

Ever since his spat with fellow comedian Sunil Grover, Kapil Sharma hasn’t been able to catch a break from landing himself in murky waters.

What started as a fall out between the two, resulted in Sunil leaving the show to start his own. The Kapil Sharma Show also saw a fall in TRP’s, with rumours of the host (Kapil), being unprofessional doing the rounds.

The most recent controversy to hit was that of Sharma replacing Navjot Singh Sidhu with Archana Puran Singh on the show for good. While these were just rumours with no confirmation until now, Kapil Sharma has finally decided to break his silence.

The television host clarified that Navjot will only be away for a short while, as he has done in the past, and will return to the show soon. In a recent interview to Pinkvilla, the comedian rubbished the rumours saying, “There is no truth to this news. This has happened before. For example, when we shot for Sairat episode, Sidhu sir was not there, even when Jackie Chan came, we called Raveenaji for the episode. I read this news but the truth is that I haven’t actually spoken to Sidhu sir. The news is absolutely false.”

Along with Navjot leaving the show, there was also buzz of Archana Puran Singh replacing him. This speculation sprung up from reports that stated Sharma decided to replace Sidhu after he failed to show up for a shoot, citing bad health. Clearing the air, Archana earlier said that she was replacing Navjot “only for a few episodes”.

She explained to Hindustan Times, “It feels weird sitting on Sidhu ji’s chair as we all are so used to seeing him on this throne. Kapil called me the same day of the shoot and I couldn’t say no to an old friend as we go back a long way. I’m here only for a few episodes, once Sidhu ji is fit and fine, he will take over his throne. I will miss the show when he comes back and I’ll always be waiting for Kapil to call me to come again on this show.”

Now that everything’s out in the clear, we hope Kapil and his show manage to stay away from any more controversy!