Kannada Superstar Yash On The Birth  Of His Daughter

Kannada Superstar Yash On The Birth Of His Daughter

Yash was blessed with a baby girl post the huge success of 'KGF'

Things couldn’t get any better for Kannada cinema’s ‘rocking star’Yash. His new film KGF is a certifiable blockbuster.

Yash admits it is the biggest hit of his career. But he has a much bigger reason to celebrate. Yash and his wife actress Radhika Pandit were blessed with a  baby girl earlier this month.

Says  Yash happily, “My wife and I were blessed with a baby girl just twenty days before the release of KFG. So it’s a  double joy in our family. Everyone wants to celebrate,  have a party, invite all our friends and well-wishers. But I would prefer not to show the world how happy I am. Rather  than the party, I would like  to carry on with my work, so there will be  more reason  to celebrate.”

Yash says the family has still not given his baby a name.  “According to tradition, the baby-naming ceremony happens after a month of birth.  Until then we all have our growing list of suggested names for the little one. My wife has her list, her parents have another list. My parents also have their options ready. Me? I’d be happy to call her by any name.”

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