Kangna Ranaut's heart of gold

Kangna Ranaut's heart of gold

The compassionate actress lends her support to her maid's son
Kangna Ranaut's heart of gold

Kangna Ranaut

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Kangna Ranaut has a heart of gold and truly cares about those who are close to her. An insider divulges, "Kangna has been taking total care of her maid's son, who had developed a serious eye problem a year ago. She has not only sponsored his treatment but also personally takes care of him whenever required."

This maid has been working with Kangna right from the time she joined the industry as an actress. A source reveals, "The moment Kangna found out that her maid's son had to be operated on because of an eye tumour that had to be removed and the eye eventually removed, she took over the finances of his treatment.

Today, even though the kid is two years old and is better, she makes sure his treatment is going smoothly. She's even got her maid and the little boy to stay in her house and spends time with him when she's at home. At times, she calls up three or four times a day to check on him despite shooting out of town."