Kangana Ranaut’s War With Krish Leads to War Between Hansal Mehta and Apurva Asrani
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Kangana Ranaut’s War With Krish Leads to War Between Hansal Mehta and Apurva Asrani

The Kangana Ranaut starrer Manikarnika continues to cause problems for people who are not even associated with the film!

Manikarnika seems to have triggered off an unprecedented war of nerves among other people who have suffered collateral damage because of Kangana Ranaut.  Writer  Apurva Asrani who was unceremoniously relieved of his duties during the shooting Hansal Mehta’s Simran has taken this opportunity to condemn  Mehta for not standing by Asrani the way director Krish has stood up for his Manikarnika team against Kangana.

Hansal Mehta has now retaliated by saying,  “Many people keep dragging me into the controversies around Kangana Ranaut that seem to erupt from time to time. For the last time - Simran is a closed chapter as far as I am concerned. The details of what really transpired during the film will remain a painful chapter of my life that might find their way in a memoir some day but will never become a source of somebody's vicarious pleasure on social media. I chose to remain silent before the film released because there was no way I could sabotage a film that had the efforts of so many people at stake. I chose to remain silent after the release because I was relieved that the film was finally out and I did not want to re-live what I had endured. I had to move on for my own sanity. The past two years have been difficult, very difficult. These years had impacted me financially, mentally and physically. I am dealing with my losses in the most constructive manner possible and in the only way I know - by moving on, by living a fuller life, by working doubly hard and by steering clear of people whose presence in my personal and professional life could be toxic. Life is too short for grudges and  I  will try my best to hold none. To each his own. A prayer for peace and happiness to all. Heartfelt gratitude to family, friends and colleagues for always being there. And a special thank you to those who revel in calling me names - the attention you give me is indeed flattering.”

A  close friend of Hansal Mehta adds, “He may choose to now forgive and forget. But what Hansal went through was pure hell. There came a  time when his father was seriously ill and in the hospital, while he had to deal with Kangana and Apurva Asrani squabbling with each other and demanding his (Hansal Mehta’s)  attention. Hansal simply chose to cut himself off from both Apurva Asrani and  Kangana Ranaut. For three months he  did  not speak a word with Kangana off the sets  while the completed  Simran.”

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