Kangana Ranaut's 'Puppet' Remark: Alia Bhatt Hits Back in Style

Kangana Ranaut's 'Puppet' Remark: Alia Bhatt Hits Back in Style

Alia Bhatt spoke to the media and came back with a response to Kangana Ranaut after Kangana had called her ‘Karan Johar’s puppet’
Kangana Ranaut's 'Puppet' Remark: Alia Bhatt Hits Back in Style
Kangana Ranaut and Alia Bhatt

Kangana Ranaut is unstoppable! Perhaps, she’s the only Bollywood celebrity who has always spoken her mind and never shied away from tricky questions.

A few days back, while speaking to the press, Kangana Ranaut mocked Ranbir Kapoor and derided his apolitical stance on national issues. She blasted at the Brahmastra actor for not taking a stance for the country or not participating in political conversations - calling him irresponsible and advised him to think about his country as his home.

The actress took a strong issue to this alleged stance of Ranbir Kapoor. “No. You can’t do that. You have to be responsible,” she said referring to Ranbir. “You exist, your house exists because of this country. You earn from this country, that’s how you earn your Mercedes. How can you talk like that?”

Kangana Ranaut not just slammed Alia Bhatt but also attacked Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. The Manikarnika actress recently criticised the actors for not voicing their opinions on political topics and for staying aloof from issues concerning the society at large.

Now, Alia who’s dating Ranbir Kapoor was asked at an event about her opinion over Kangana Ranaut's comments on Ranbir and other Bollywood celebrities.

The Brahmastra actress responded by saying, “I definitely don’t have that ability to speak as candidly as Kangana does and I really really respect her for that. And maybe in a way she is right that sometimes we do hold back.” She further added, “My dad always says that there are already so many opinions in the world, the world can do with one less opinion. So I have an opinion but I keep it to myself. But kudos to her because she genuinely speaks really well.”

This is not the first time Kangana has targeted Alia Bhatt. In fact, after the Bhramastras actress failed to attend the screening of Manikarnika, for which Kangana had invited her, the Queen actress hurled quite a few insults for her, including calling Alia Karan Johar’s puppet.

In another media meet, Kangana said "These girls send me their trailers like Alia (Bhatt) sent me the trailer of Raazi and said, 'Please watch it'. For me, it was not a Karan Johar film or Alia film, for me, it was a film on Sehmat Khan, the girl who has given her everything to the country."

Even then, Alia had responded by saying that she doesn’t wish to give any explanations over Kangana’s comments and insisted that she hadn’t done anything to deserve such harsh words.

On the work front, Alia will be seen in Abhishek Varman's Kalank and Ayan Mukerji's Brahmastra. The actress treated her fans with the official logo launch of Brahmastra yesterday and today, the makers of Kalank will drop the teaser of the film.