Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika: Will Original Director Krish Withdraw his Name?

Kangana Ranaut had taken over the reins of the historical drama after the exit of its original director Krish
Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika: Will Original Director Krish Withdraw his Name?
Kangana Ranaut

With  Kangana Ranaut taking over the directorial reins of the ambitious historical Manikarnika there are conflicting reports on just how much the film’s lead actress will finally contribute to the project as a director, editor and screenwriter. One of  the  film’s principal actors spills the beans and clues us in on the true facts:

“Kangana has directed nearly 35 per cent of the film. This is not just the fresh scenes in addition to what Krish had already directed by much of this is in lieu of Krish’s contribution.  Many of the scenes and sequences already shot by Krish have been re-shot by Kangana,” says the source. The plan now is to credit Kangana as co-director.
But apparently, the beleaguered project’s original director is not willing to go along with this joint credit scheme. Says the source, “Krish has a distinguished career as a filmmaker. He has directed a number of epics before Manikarnika. Krish is in no mood for reconciliation. He has already moved on. No way is he going to allow his name to be used as co-director. Kangana will probably have to take sole credit for direction  if she wants the world  to see her talents as a director.”

The film is now in post-production. Every actor in the film is worried to death about his or her role being snuffed out on the editing table. This writer spoke to at least three of the actors in Manikarnika. One of them said, “I shot for more than 40 days. I don’t know how much of it will finally go into the film. All of us worried about our roles. But no one is allowed to say anything. There is a collective gag order. All we can do is pray.”

The film has already been under a lot of controversies when actor Sonu Sood walked out after changes were made to his role. After this, even some other crew members parted ways. Reports suggest Kangana and the producers are determined to ensure the film releases on the day it’s planned – Republic Day weekend of 2019.