Kangana Ranaut’s Film Mental Hai Kya to Undergo Title Change?

Kangana Ranaut’s Film Mental Hai Kya to Undergo Title Change?

Producer Ekta Kapoor is under severe pressure to change the title of the film after mental health experts criticised it

Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao’s upcoming film Mental Hai Kya has run into fresh controversy. Earlier, the film had run afoul of mental health experts when the first poster was released.

Now, with pressure growing from all sides, it is reliably learnt that producers Ekta Kapoor and Shailesh Singh have little option now but to change the title of their film Mental Hai Kya. A source very close to the project says, “They thought the controversy would die down and they would be able to release the film with the same title (Mental Hai Kya). But far from dying down, the controversies surrounding the title are growing,” says the source, and adds that the team is left with little choice now.

“They either change or face the consequences,” says the source. Deepika Padukone whose Live Love Laugh foundation devoted to creating awareness on health issues has also criticized the title of the film bringing out in the open, the dormant feud between the two actresses. This had also led Kangana’s sister Rangoli to jump into the battle and criticise Deepika.

During the Padmaavat controversy, Kangana is the only major actress who had not signed a petition initiated by Shabana Azmi to protect Deepika Padukone from radical protesters.

Neither Kangana nor Rajkummar Rao who plays the lead in Mental Hai Kya have publicly voiced their opinion on the controversial title. But secretly many who are closely connected with the film feel the title must be changed. “It means heavy losses through added expenditure as the title of the film has to be changed on all the posters hoarding and other publicity. But it has to be done,” says the source.

However, whether Ekta Kapoor, the voluble producer, will bite the bullet or brazen it out remains to be seen.