Kangana Ranaut shares an unseen picture from her stay in an ashram

Kangana Ranaut shares an unseen picture from her stay in an ashram

The actress described it as one of her favourite photos

Amidst all the recent chaos, Kangana Ranaut has posted an unseen image of herself at an ashram to Twitter, writing, “This is one of my most favourite pictures, it is from my ashram Isha Yoga center, nothing is planned a very spontaneous capture but somehow depicts transition so beautifully”.

The 33-year-old actress is pictured walking through a tunnel wearing a mint green sari and flower garland around her neck. There is a bright light in the background, and some of Ranaut’s followers have commented saying the image looks symbolic and religious.

The Isha Yoga Center is located in the scenic hills of Tamil Nadu and offers visitors a peaceful space to practise yoga, meditation and self transformation. Ranaut is known to practise spirituality, and visited the ashram in July 2018.

One fan wrote, “This picture is showing today's reality i.e. @KanganaTeam looking like a roaring lioness, all alone with her determination and self confidence.  But we Indians are with you”.

Another commented with, “You have dissolved yourself in spirituality you are able to face everything and solve everything be happy don't be stressed God is always there with you”.

Ranaut found herself at the centre of controversy recently, after having a public feud with the Mumbai Police and the Shiv Sena leader, Sanjay Raut. Yesterday, the actress travelled back to her Mumbai home accompanied with Y+ security after threats were aimed at the actress, telling her not to return to Mumbai. Her office was later demolished by the BMC for alleged "illegal construction'.

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