Kangana Ranaut Says Pakistan is an 'Insignificant Territory'

Kangana Ranaut says Pakistan is an insignificant territory to release films. She was answering questions about Manikarnika being released in Pakistan when she said that she does not want her films to be released in Pakistan
Kangana Ranaut Says Pakistan is an 'Insignificant Territory'
Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut has minced no words about Pakistan. According to media reports, she said that Pakistan is an ‘insignificant territory’.

She was asked about her film Manikarnika being released in Pakistan, responding to which she said, "When a film is distributed, they have the digital copy. (But) You can stop future releases." 

"To get it back from them, we will have to send the army,” she said referring to the airstrikes by Indian Army on Balakot, “but they didn't get my DCP back.”

On February 14th, an attack on CRPF convoy took place which lead to the loss of 40 soldiers. The attack was claimed by a terrorist group called Jaish-e-Muhammad. Following the attacks, Indian Air Force had struck at Balakot and had claimed to destroy 350 terrorists. Pakistan had responded by shooting down an Indian MIG21 and captured Wing Commander Abhinandan, whom they released later.

Earlier Kangana had asked not for a ban on Pakistani artistes but ‘destruction’ of Pakistan.

The Queen actress was speaking to the media and earlier also spoke at the India Conclave 2019 and defended her statement further.

"I think it was very sort of instinctive sentiment that we all felt that time when we were faced with that type of shocking incident," she had said at the India Conclave 2019. "It was possibly the most brutal and most inhuman in centuries, it will always be a deep scar, wound in our conscience."

Kangana’s next film Mental Hai Kya is directed by Prakash Kovelamudi and is set to release on May 24, 2019.