Kangana Ranaut Reveals Why She Won't Ever Join Social Media
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Kangana Ranaut Reveals Why She Won't Ever Join Social Media

The actress doesn't have a single social media profile!

Kangana Ranaut doesn't want to be on social media because it is very time consuming. The actress says that it takes up so much time that she rather focus on something else. "I am not on social media for many reasons and one of them is that I feel it's so consuming. People tell me, open an account because some of them can be brand queries, and they want you on social media; it's mandatory," IANS quoted her as saying.

The Queen star also said she doesn't find the need to be on 'it' just for the sake and let someone else handle it on her behalf, which would mean 'being dishonest' with her fans. "Sometimes your agents tell you just open an account and don't post, or let us post. That's not okay with me, because I have not done anything in my life where I am not involved. I can't imagine the fact that I am being dishonest on some level that someone else is pretending to be me. I am faking that with millions of people and its sort of having a fake relationship," Kangana told IANS.

Would you want to see the actress on social media?

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